What We Do

Joint responses to transnational crime by and with African nations requires establishing and building cooperative relationships with key players throughout the African continent as well as sharing information, experience, skills, technology, and strategies.
Given the cross-border nature of these crimes, no single country can address the challenge of global crime alone. It is essential that law enforcement institutions and stakeholders in the public and private sector cooperate internationally.
In order to contribute to the reduction, prevention and elimination of transnational crimes AGA AAP partners with various stakeholders through the:

  • Training of Prosecutors and Investigators in investigation and prosecution of transnational crimes and
  •  Participation in seminars & other events to educate, increase public awareness and draw attention and to the dangers of transnational crimes.

Training & Capacity Building

AGA AAP together with our partners, organises workshops, seminars and conferences, aimed at, sharing knowledge / experiences, in addition to developing and strengthening the human and institutional capacity required to combat transnational crimes.

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Anti Human Trafficking

An increasing number of countries in Africa and indeed the world over, can be categorised either as source, transit, or destination countries for victims of human trafficking. Human Trafficking falls into a number of categories these may include: forced labour, sexual exploitation, and organ trafficking.

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Fighting Cybercrime

AGA AAP works with stakeholders engaged in tackling cybercrime, to build and strengthen internal capacity. AGA AAP strives to promote awareness on the dangers of cybercrime in addition to facilitating workshops focused on the investigation and prosecution of cybercrimes.

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Combating Counterfeit Drugs

The sale of counterfeit drugs is a big global challenge. According to The World Health Organisation (WHO) Counterfeit Drugs are “A product that is: deliberately and fraudulently mislabelled with respect to source and/or identity”.

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Anti Money Laundering

Money laundering is frequently linked with other transnational crimes such as Terrorism, human trafficking, wildlife trafficking and other global crimes.

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Anti Wildlife Trafficking

AGA AAP works in concert with anti-wildlife trafficking actors, to create greater awareness about the detrimental impact of wildlife crimes and to provide training for investigation and prosecution of wildlife traffickers.

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