Anti Human Trafficking

An increasing number of countries in Africa and indeed the world over, can be categorised either as source, transit, or destination countries for victims of human trafficking. Human Trafficking falls into a number of categories these may include: forced labour, sexual exploitation, and organ trafficking.

It is generally acknowledged that in many cases it is increasing difficult to identify, investigate and prosecute Human Trafficking cases. AGA AAP training programmes and seminars on Human Trafficking are focused on how to identify, investigate, and prosecute, human traffickers as well as share best practice in the protection and rehabilitation of actual or potential victims of trafficking.
AGA AAP also supports Seminars and Conferences act as forums which enhance awareness, knowledge and the skills required to combat human trafficking.

“The exploitation of human beings is a highly lucrative business for organized criminal groups. “It is an illicit market which affects millions of victims worldwide every year. With traffickers making an estimated $32 billion annually, human trafficking is one of the world’s most shameful crimes and one which robs people of their dignity and basic rights.” – UNODC, 2012

  • Provide support to forums that raise awareness of and promote collaboration and the exchanging views
  • Provide training on the investigation & prosecution of human trafficking.
  • Teach Techniques for the identification & protection of victims of human trafficking.
  • Training on the prosecution and investigation of Human Trafficking cases