Full name: The Republic of Uganda
Area: 241, 038 km²
Capital: Kampala
Population: 42 million (approx.)


English legal system and law are predominant in Uganda; its legal system is based on English Common Law and customary law. However, customary law is in effect only when it does not conflict with statutory law. The laws applicable in Uganda are statutory law, common law; doctrines of equity and customary law are applicable in Uganda.

The Constitution is the supreme law in Uganda and any law or custom that is in conflict with it is null and void to the extent of the inconsistency.

The Judiciary is an independent legal organ comprised of Courts of Judicature as provided for by the Constitution. The Judiciary is entrusted to administer justice in both civil and criminal matters through courts of judicature including the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court and other courts or tribunals established by Parliament. The highest court in Uganda is the Supreme Court. The Court of Appeal is next in hierarchy and it handles appeals from the High Court but it also sits as the Constitutional Court in determining matters that require Constitutional interpretation.

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Judiciary of Uganda:
Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs:


Partners Events Date

Uganda Law Society

CWAG AAP Participation In The 3RD Uganda Law Society Annual Conference. April 2019

Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA)

MOU Signing Ceremony With The Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) April 2019

Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA)

Anti-Money Laundering & Asset Recovery Workshop April 2019

Uganda Law Society

Uganda Law Society AGM.  March 2018

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Ugandan Ministry of Justice and CWAG Africa Alliance Partnership (CWAG AAP) was signed at the 2nd Annual Law Conference in Kampala Uganda on the 26th March 2018.  March 2018

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

A delegation from CWAG AAP visited the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the Attorney General.

CWAG AAP discussed the interest on the part of CWAG AAP Attorneys General in establishing a relationship of mutual exchange of experiences and support, which was received with great interest.

CWAG AAP and the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs with the Attorney-General’s Department are in the process of formalising and programming a joint training course to be celebrated in 2018.

April 2017