Full name: The Republic of Zambia
Area: 752, 618 km²
Capital: Lusaka
Population: 16.59 million (approx.)


The judicial system of Zambia, is based on English common law and customary law. Common law is administered by several High Courts, which have authority to hear criminal and civil cases and appeals from lower courts. Resident magistrate’s courts are also established at various centres. Local courts mainly administer customary law, especially cases relating to marriage, property, and inheritance.

Under the constitution of 1997, the Supreme Court is the highest court in Zambia and serves as the final court of appeal. The chief justice and other eight judges are appointed by the president. In consultation with the prime minister, the president also appoints the director of public prosecution and the attorney general, the latter being the principal legal adviser to the government. The independence of the judiciary has been respected by the government. Trials in magistrate courts are public.


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Ministry of Justice and Office of the Attorney General:
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Partners Events Date
National Prosecution Authority
MoU signing with the National Prosecution Authority May 2019
National Prosecution Authority

Cybercrime Workshop. May 2019
Law Association of Zambia


The 21St Commonwealth Lawyers’ Conference. April 2019
The Judiciary of Zambia

Workshop On The Foundations Of Virtual Currency Investigation. April 2019
The Bank of Zambia
Virtual Currency Investigation Workshop.


April 2019
Drug Enforcement Commission A workshop on Virtual Currency Investigation and the Dark Web August 2018
Anti-Corruption commission

Workshop on Anti-Money Laundering August 2018

National Prosecutors Association

Workshop on Human Trafficking August 2018

Anti-Corruption commission

Workshop on Anti-Money Laundering & Asset Forfeiture . May 2018

Ministry of Justice & Office of the Attorney General & National Prosecution Authority

Signing of Letter of Intent
CWAG AAP under the auspices of The Attorneys General Office, National Prosecution Authority, and other key government stakeholders including the Financial Intelligence Centre and the Anti-Corruption Commission, signed off on a letter of intent establishing a relationship of mutual exchange of experiences and support.
Nov 2017

Ministry of Justice & Office of the Attorney General

Three-day litigation skills workshop in collaboration with the Office of the Attorney General July 2017

Ministry of Justice & Office of the Attorney General

Workshop on Oral Advocacy – Office of the Zambian Attorney General. July 2017